Video: Attacking Pit Bulls Chase Kids, Jump on Car to Get Them


Two massive pit bull-type dogs went on a rampage in Washington, DC, on Friday night, April 20, and forced terrified children to climb onto the top of a nearby car to avoid being savagely attacked.

Video (below) from a surveillance camera on a building in the Trinidad area of the city captured the chase by the large white dogs as the children scrambled desperately to avoid them.

Although first called Cane Corsos, the muscular canines appear to be Dogo Argentinos, which are descendants of the extinct Cordoba Fighting Dogs and were developed primarily for the purpose of big-game hunting, including wild boars and pumas. 

Dogo Argentinos often reach a weight of up to 130 pounds of solid muscle with a tenacity that caused them to claw ferociously at the vehicle and then jump onto the top in pursuit of their prey—which in this case was young humans.

Aliya Rocker-Patterson, a nearby witness described the horrifying incident to the Daily Mail, “It seemed like they were hunting. Like they were going after people.” Neighbors were watching in terror from the windows of their homes and throwing objects to try to distract the frenzied dogs which were focused only on reaching the children.

 Finally Andrew Wilkis walked past the location on his way home from working as an usher at the Washington Nationals hockey game.  He saw the dogs trying to get to the children and began to stab them with a knife. That caused the powerful animals to divert their attack to him and, according to witnesses, “start tossing Wilkis around “like a rag doll.” 

But his brave, self-sacrificing act gave the children a chance to drop off of the car and run in the opposite direction to safety.

“They drug him off of the car and was shaking him in the street and the neighbors across the street were throwing things out the windows to try to distract the dogs but they wouldn’t let him go,” his wife Shirley Wilkis told ABC7 News.

The struggle between Wilkis and the dogs lasted 13 minutes before the injured dogs eventually limped away from the scene.  The hero, Mr. Wilkis, was rushed to a local hospital for treatment of severe wounds to his arms and hands.  He was released the next day.

"I got bitten on the arm and I got stitches, they took some meat out between my two fingers," he said.

A trail of blood and bloody paw prints led police to a nearby apartment building where neighbors believe they have seen the dogs inside a window, but no one has ever seen them outside until this horrific event. The police are still trying to locate the owners, while members of the community are terrified that the vicious dogs may escape again.

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