Video of Asiana Boeing 777 Plane Crash in San Francisco

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A video of the Asiana Boeing 777 plane crash landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday has surfaced today.

The video footage (below) was recorded by witness Fred Hayes.

In the video, the plane loses its tail wing and then goes skidding down the runway in a mass of white smoke. The plane suddenly appears as if its being flipped or cartwheeling, then disappears in some orange--brownish smoke, noted

Amazingly, only two people were killed in the crash, which preliminary reports say was not due to mechanical failure.

The plane was flying from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco, a ten-hour flight.

“[The airline] was definitely coming in low,” Hayes told CNN, “but the nose was up, and that’s what really caught me. The nose was really pitched up in the air…It appeared to me that the pilot was trying to convert the landing.”

On the video, the plane that first appears is not the crashing Asiana Boeing 777, which comes in from the right side of the screen.



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