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Video: 'Apple Pickers' Gang Steals iPhones from Women

A gang of thieves has stolen so many iPhones in Stamford, Connecticut that the local police are calling them the “Apple Pickers,” reports CBS New York (video below).

After 40 attacks, police have noticed a similar pattern. The victim is usually a female who is alone with their phone in broad daylight.

The Apple Picker usually has his or her face covered with a hoodie, rides up on a stolen bicycle, jumps off the bike, steals the iPhone and runs away.

The victims seldom get a look at who robs them. The Apple Pickers are very careful about having their face covered.

Security apps on the phones are disabled quickly. Police believe each stolen iPhone goes for $150 to $200 on the street.

Police are urging people not to get so wrapped up in their phone conversations that they look like easy prey. Also, women should not leave their iPhone unattended.


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