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Video: Anti-Gay Protesters Threaten to Rape 'Gay Day' Supporter

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, several anti-gay protesters, the Black Hebrew Israelites, threatened to rape a woman at a 'Gay Day' event over the weekend (video below).

The unnamed woman, who was threatened, posted a video of the incident on YouTube, reports WWMT-TV.

One of the anti-gay protesters reportedly said: “Back in the day there was no free power, there was no going to the mall. There was, ‘sit your ass in this house until I bring my ass home."

A second anti-gay protester then added: “And if your ass get to going out there like you said, guess what? You get raped. And that’s what’s going to happen to you. … Keep your p*ssy clean, that’s all you need to do. Do you understand?”

Later, one the anti-gay protesters quoted the bible, Isaiah 13, to back up his threat: “Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished. What does ‘ravished’ mean? It means, we going to rape your *ss. And I’m going to have fun doing that sh*t. And you going to like that. I promise you.”

The woman told WWMT-TV that the anti-gay protesters wrote down her boyfriend’s license plate number and promised to kill him.

The woman said she called 911, but a Grand Rapids police officer told her that there was nothing he could do.

Lt. Mark Ostapowicz, of the Grand Rapids police department told “The Gay Day celebration group was upset that the Bible group was able to protest, but in their protest they weren’t doing anything wrong, according to the report."

"When the officers got there they were not threatening each other. As long as they’re not breaking any of the protest rules, there’s nothing we can do. As of right now, we just have two groups in disagreement with each other. Nothing happened that led the officers to do more.”


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