Video: Anti-Gay Protester John King Says Homosexuality is Birth Control on White Race

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Last Friday, John King, of, protested the Kentuckian Pride Festival Parade in hopes of saving “the white race.”

In a video (below) uploaded to YouTube, King said: “I’m here to stand up on behalf of the white race who needs white children, and also everybody in this world who is normal. Homosexuality is a perversion that must be stopped because it is effectually a form of birth control on our race.”

King stood on the street with a sign that read: “Take your sodomy to another galaxy" and “Tyler Clemente did the world a favor! Honor in death. He will never bugger my 8-year-old son!”

Clemente, an 18-year-old Rutgers University student, committed suicide after his roommate secretly recorded him kissing another man and uploaded the video to the Internet.


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