Video: Anti-Corporate Activists Deface Billboards, Hang Dummies

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Drivers on Interstate 15, near Las Vegas, were calling 911 today after seeing what appeared to be people hanging from billboards by nooses (video below).

The human bodies were actually dummies and part of some vandalism by anti-corporate activists, reports KTNV-TV.

The billboards were covered with the words 'Dying for Work' and 'Hope you're happy Wall St.'

The political message harkened back to the early 2000s of 'culture jamming' by progressive followers of AdBusters magazine.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Jeremie Elliott said that authorities don't know who is responsible, but he felt it was in bad taste.

Lamar Advertising, which owns the billboards, doesn't know who the pranksters are either.

Authorities are pulling the political messages and dummies down.


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