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Video: Andrea Fornella Abbott Found Guilty for Refusing to Allow TSA Screeners to Pat Down Her Daughter

Andrea Fornella Abbott, a mom who refused to allow TSA screeners to pat down her 14-year-old daughter, was found guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced to one year of probation by a court in Tennessee.

In July 2011, Abbott was arrested by Nashville, Tennessee airport authorities for objecting to TSA procedures, reports the Associated Press.

A police report stated that Abbott would not allow her daughter to be “touched inappropriately” or have her “crotch grabbed." Abbott also refused to submit to a full body scan because she did not want her (or her daughters') naked body revealed by the scanner.

The police report noted that she attempted to take cell phone video of the incident, but was stopped by the TSA screeners. When police arrived, Abbott reportedly cursed at them and called the TSA screeners "pedophiles."

Assistant District Attorney Megan King said: “You can speak your mind, but you can’t do it in an illegal manner. What the defendant did was a crime.”

The prosecution claimed that Abbott’s disorderly conduct prevented other people from "carrying out their lawful activities" and held up two security lines for thirty minutes.

However, a video of the incident below, shows that people just walked around Abbott and no lines were held up.


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