Video and Picture: Veterans Speak Out Against Oakland Police

Many Marines are outraged by the injuries inflicted by Oakland police on Marine veteran Scott Olsen (pictured, left, before the assault) at Tuesday's Occupy Oakland protests. Olsen is in a medically-induced coma after getting hit in the head by a police projectile.

The picture below is from the social media website Reddit.com which features a thread posted by a veteran entitled: "How I feel, as a United States Marine, about what occurred in Oakland."  In the five hours since the thread went up, there have been over 1500 comments, many from vets.

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On last night’s 'Countdown,' host Keith Olbermann interviewed Iraq War veteran Keith Shannon, the roommate of Scott Olsen (video below).

Shannon says that Olsen is in “stable but critical” condition and that the attack by police has only strengthened his resolve to protest and participate in the Occupy Wall Street movement.


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