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Video: Ambulance Worker Pins Man On The Ground, Man Claims He Was Just Trying To Help

Video out of Saginaw, Michigan shows an emergency medical response worker pinning a man on the ground.

The man being pinned, 59-year-old Gregory Barnett, says he was trying to help direct traffic away from the ambulance in a crowded parking lot when the confrontation began.

“There was a guy in a truck that had some kind of medical emergency, and they were doing something with him,” Barnett told MLive. “I was directing traffic in the parking lot because there were a lot of people, and it got kind of congested.”

Barnett is a cashier at Dollar Family, the store in which the incident happened outside of.

Barnett says he vaguely heard an emergency worker say something to him, but he didn’t pay much attention because he was focused on directing traffic.

The second time, he said, ‘You’re in my (expletive) space,’ so I turned around and asked him, 'What’s up?'” Barnett said. “He came at me and bumped into me, so I pushed him, and then he threw me to the ground.

“I kept asking him, 'What’s the problem?' and telling him I work here. I’m almost 60 years old and can’t tussle with that guy. I didn’t want any problems. I was just trying to help out.”

A crowd gathered around the worker and Barnett, and a woman soon convinced the emergency worker to let Barnett go.

Mobil Medical Response (MMR), the employer of the emergency worker, says they will launch an investigation of the event.

“We have begun an internal investigation, and the employee in question has been placed on administrative leave,” said MMR Director of Community Relations Lynn Schutter.

Here’s the video (courtesy of MLive): 

Sources: MLive, The Blaze


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