Video: Adult Encourages Kids to Pet Wild Bison, which Charges Them

A video (below) shot at Yellowstone National Park shows an adult encouraging a group of kids to make friends with a bison, reports the Daily Mail.

While kids get closer to the large animal, the man shooting the video says: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! He's friendly. Touch him on the head."

On the other side of the beast, another adult appears to be filiming the encouter with his iPad.

As the bison get irritable, the older kids walk away, leaving the smaller children alone with it.

When the Bison begins to move towards the group of kids, the man tells the kids to run.

One boy falls behind and the Bison charges him, but fortunately, the child is able to get away.

The video has gone viral and has over 200,000 views.


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