Toughest 90-Year-Old Ever? Jay Leone Returns Gun Fire on Armed Burglar


Don't mess with Old Man Leone, you hear?

When Jay Leone of Greenbrae, California -- who happens to be 90 years of age -- found himself under fire by an armed home invader, he didn't throw his hands in the air and surrender. And when he was shot clear through the face, he didn't duck and hide.

"I told him 'Now it's my turn!'" said Leone. Then he proceeded to return fire.

"I said, 'F--- you, you son of a b-tch!" Leone told the Daily Mail. That "son of a b-tch," was none other than Samual Joseph Cutrufelli. Mr. Leone, a former Sheriff's deputy, actually hit Cutrufelli three times in the stomach before the two ended up wrestling on ground.

According to Leone's account of the tussel, Cutrufelli snatched Leone's gun away from him and held it to Leone's head. Cutrufelli pulled the trigger in a clear attempt to keep Leon from seeing 91, but the weapon had already run out of bullets.

"He took the gun and put it to my head - click! And that was the end of that. He ran away." said Leone.

It was at that point that Leone realized he had been shot during the earlier firefight.

Cutrufelli shot Leone clear through the face. The bullet entered between Leone's jawbones and exited the back of his neck, miraculously, without hitting any vital organs.

Leone appeared in court with a bandage over his gunshot wound to testify against Cutrufelli. He provided evidence meant to help the judge decide whether Cutrufelli should be charged with robber, burglary or attempted murder.


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