Video: 69-Year-Old Edna Geisler Terrorized By Turkey


In Commerce Township, Michigan, a wild turkey has been stalking 69-year-old Edna Geisler for two months. The bird lurks in her front yard, screeching and attacking her when she walks outside (video below).

Geisler said: "I'm afraid to go out of my house. I have to go to the post office at 6 o'clock in the morning to avoid him."

When she returned home with groceries recently, Geisler couldn't get in her front door: "I had to go next door to the neighbors and have him use a push broom to keep him away while I brought the groceries in."

She has not called animal control to remove the bird, but has tried changing her schedule to outsmart the turkey: "I slipped out and he wasn't there, but he was there waiting for me when I got back."

Geisler is hoping the bird is gone by summer so she can work in her garden: "Every time I eat turkey I smile. I'd like to do that to him."


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