Video: 4 U.S. Marines Arrested After Beating Gay Man Unconscious

An unidentified gay man was allegedly beaten by four U.S. Marines outside The Silver Fox, a gay bar in Long Beach, California (video below) over the weekend.

The Marines came into the bar and asked the bartender if it was okay to enter because they were straight. Once inside, they began drinking and making homophobic jokes. They walked outside with the gay man and proceeded to pummel him, reports RawStory.com.

The victim, who wished to be anonymous, told CBS Los Angeles: “He starts pushing me and calling me f*ggot. I told him I was gonna call police. I remember blacking out. All I remember is being put next to the curb. I don’t want them to see who I am. They have friends out there.”

The victim’s boyfriend 'David' reportedly witnessed the attack and jumped to his defense until police arrived and arrested the four Marines, who may be charged with hate crimes.

Charlie Harris was working in the bar and ran outside to help: “You could hear the punches…it was bad. You just saw fists, and muscles, and tattoos, and all those guys were on top of him."


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