Video: 20-Minute San Diego Fireworks Show is Over in 15 Seconds

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While most of the country was enjoying half hour Fourth of July fireworks displays, San Diego, California spectators only got 15 seconds (video below).

Thousands had gathered at beaches and parks to watch the annual 'Big Bay Boom' show on Wednesday night. Some camped out for hours to see fireworks around San Diego Bay.

However, something caused the fireworks to explode all at once, bewildering spectators.

After the explosion, the crowd went quiet as everything went dark.

However, the music synchronized to go with the fireworks played on, including 'Proud to be an American,' 'Born in the USA' and some Taylor Swift songs.

San Diego resident Jennifer Boyd told CNN: "I was waiting around wondering what happened, wondering whether there was going to be a do-over."

Organizers, who had promised a 20-minute show that included fireworks from four barges, canceled the show.


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