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Video: 16-Month-Old Girl Swims Across Pool By Herself

A little girl has become a viral sensation after her mother filmed her swimming across a pool at just 16 months old.

In the video, the toddler is seen swimming by herself in a pool, and turning over in the middle to catch a breath.

She then makes her way to the other side, stepping onto the stairs to exit.

Though it seems like the toddler has extraordinary swimming talent for her age, many people have commented on the video to criticize her parents. Some are concerned she is swimming when she doesn't want to.

Her parents, however, say they are highly trained and she has been given extensive lessons on swimming. 

Adam BC, who posted the video, said he is a registered nurse and his wife was a life guard for six years and taught swimming. He said they are both professionally trained in CPR and water safety. Adam is also certified in advanced pediatric life support.

He said baby Elizabeth was trained by certified instructors who teach infant swimming resource.

"At no point do we force our child to do anything she is unwilling to try. We are able to recognize infant/toddler fatigue in the swimming pool. Elizabeth is a very determined little girl and sometimes she wants to roll over and breathe as she was taught and sometimes she wants to hold her breath the whole way," her father said.

"I was 100 percent prepared to jump in at first sign of distress. Please watch some of the other videos I've posted of her swimming and spread the word."

While Elizabeth is an exceptional swimmer, she didn't become one by being thrown in the pool by her parents. 

"Please! do not just throw your child in the water and expect them to swim. That is both dangerous and a quick way to traumatize your child and scare them from ever swimming. ISR uses specialized techniques in training infants and toddlers," the parents said. 

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube


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