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Video: 13-Year-Old Nathan Duszynski's Hot Dog Cart, Made to Help his Disabled Parents, is Shut Down by City

This summer, 13-year-old Nathan Duszynski wanted to make some money to help out his disabled parents, so he decided to open a hot dog stand.

Nathan's mom has epilepsy and his dad has multiple sclerosis, reports the Mackinac Center for Public Policy (video below).

The boy checked with the city to make sure he didn't need any licenses or permits,  and then bought a hot dog cart, with $1200 he earned from lawn mowing and snow shoveling.

On his first day, a zoning official arrived to shut him down, because the cart, which is in the parking lot of a sporting goods store, is on the edge of the downtown commercial district of Holland, Michigan.

The city bans food carts in the area in order to minimize competition for eight restaurants a couple of blocks away. Nathan's hot dog cart is now for sale.


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