Video: 13-Year-Old Jeremy Wuitschick Drives School Bus, After Driver Passes Out


In Milton, Washington, 13-year-old Jeremy Wuitschick was recently on a school bus with 12 classmates, heading to Surprise Lake Middle School, when his bus driver lost consciousness.

Surveillance camera footage (video below) showed Wuitschick running up from the back of the bus when the driver started seizing.

Out of control, the bus was heading for a church.

Wuitschick told NBC News: "I was just thinking about, 'I don't want to die.'"

Wuitschick pulled the bus over, slowed the vehicle down, took the keys out of the ignition and said: "Someone call 911."

Another student, Johnny Wood, trained in CPR, started performing chest compressions on the driver, who was in grave condition. A school administrator drove by minutes later, stopped and also attempted CPR on the driver, who was hospitalized.

Wuitschick says he knows how to drive because his mom lets him reverse her car out of the driveway when he washes it: "My principal said that I'm going to get free snacks [from the school snack bar]."


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