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Video: 12-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots Mother’s Friend Dead While Playing With Gun

A tragic moment was caught on camera as a young boy shot a family friend dead by accident at a shooting range.

The child was playing with a firearm, not knowing it was loaded, when it went off and killed the male family friend as he wandered down the range, the Daily Mail reports.

The child is not expected to face legal charges considering he did not know the gun was loaded, but the instructor who was supposed to be supervising him may face legal charges for failing to ensure that the gun was handled safely, according to LiveLeak.

Footage shows the child’s mother and a male friend, who had just been firing a rifle, wander down the range to inspect the target they had been aiming at.

The boy sat down at a table and began handling the gun. The instructor pulled out her camera phone and offered to photograph the boy while he pretended to fire the rifle.

The boy pulled the trigger and a shot rang out. The man dropped to the ground, as seen in the video.

Police say the victim died instantly.

Warning: Graphic content

Sources: Daily Mail, LiveLeak


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