Victory! Coyotes Win Reprieve

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This week, the City Council in Arcadia, California, voted to suspend its cruel coyote trapping program. The victory for animals comes after supporters of humane coyote control, including San Gabriel Valley Friends of Wildlife, worked tirelessly for months e-mailing council members, packing City Council meetings, organizing an education session about living with coyotes, and collecting petition signatures.  


Snares cause prolonged, painful deaths. Animals caught by the neck slowly suffocate, and those caught by the leg endure painful injuries until the trapper returns (not always within the 24-hour required time limit) to the snare. When nursing mothers are caught, their babies often starve to death.

Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated group of compassionate people, the Arcadia City Council has already started promoting a community education program about proven, humane methods of coyote control that have been endorsed by wildlife experts.


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