Victim Who Fatally Shot Carjacker Wasn't 'Justified' in Killing Him: Police


A man in Texas who allegedly stole a car became the victim of an “unjustified” fatal shooting, according to police.

Bobby Bricker, 42, reportedly stole a vehicle that was unlocked, unoccupied, and parked at a TA truck stop in Big Spring, Texas with the keys still in the ignition, reports News West 9.

“At no point was force used to take this vehicle,” said Howard County Sheriff Stan Parker.

As Bricker drove off in the stolen car, the victim of the robbery, 24-year-old James Keck, allegedly called 911 while following the suspect at the same time. Keck claimed the car belonged to this mother and that both he and Bricker were speeding at about 105 mph on the I-20 North Service Road.

Bricker came to a stop on County Road 2599 and Keck reportedly pulled up beside him in the car, pulled out a gun, and shot him in the face, killing him.

Police say Keck had no reason to fatally shoot Bricker and that he knew help was on its way.

“Keck was made aware that deputies and police officers were both en route and Keck was also made aware that counties ahead were being notified to intercept the vehicle,” Parker said. “The deceased never fired a shot. He was not armed at any time during the incident.”

But Keck insists he shot the carjacker out of self-defense, reports CBS 7. He originally reportedly claimed that he thought his 4-year-old daughter was in the stolen car and that’s why he pursued it, but police say Keck never made reference to his child when he called 911. 

Police have continued to investigate this incident.

Sources: News West 9, CBS 7

Photo Credit: YouTube


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