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Victim Of Pedophile Father Shares Her Story

Hollie Davey was 13 when she learned she was adopted, and she struggled to comprehend the revelation. She tracked down her biological father to get answers and was thrilled when he asked her to move in with him. Her delight quickly dissipated, however, when he began to sexually abuse her.

Now 26, Davey remembers how difficult it was for her to come to terms with being adopted.

“My world crumbled,” she told Mirror. “I couldn’t take it in. I was so angry. I felt like my whole life had been a lie.”

Upon learning her biological mother died, Davey tracked down her biological father, Paul Davey, when she was just 13.

In October 2001, she left her adoptive parents to visit her father.

“When I arrived, a man with grey[sic] hair answered the door and asked me if he could help,” she recounted. “I told him I was his daughter and though he looked shocked, he pulled me in for a hug.”

That same night, he asked her to move in with him.

“With those words I felt like I belonged and I settled down in to dad’s spare room,” she said.

Paul’s intentions toward his daughter quickly turned sinister.

“One day while I was reading a magazine dad started to run his fingers though my hair," she said. "Then he said, ‘You’re gorgeous, I can’t believe you’re my daughter.’ It made me feel uneasy.

“But I was desperate for dad to love me, so I told myself I was just being silly.”

Paul asked Davey to play “Mummies and Daddies,” and had her wear a wedding dress before photographing her.

“I thought it was strange being that I was almost 14, but I didn’t want to annoy my dad,” she explained.

That night, Paul forced himself on her.

“Dad said, ‘I’ll sleep here tonight so I can be with my gorgeous daughter,’” Davey said. “But he started touching me. I told him to stop it and tried to pull away but he ignored me and carried on touching me."

The sexual abuse soon became routine and it quickly escalated into rape.

“He told me to shut up, tore at my clothes and held me down on the passenger seat,” Davey said. “I waited for it to be over but dad said, ‘There’s more where that came from.' I wondered how he could do this to me. I thought he loved me.”

Davey became pregnant and Paul attempted to give her a home abortion. He forced Davey to drink a bottle of gin and tried to abort the fetus with a knitting needle. 

 “I remember blood running down my legs and I must have panicked my dad because he took me to hospital,” she said. “I wanted to scream at the nurses, ‘My dad did this to me,’ but I was petrified of the consequences.”

Davey became pregnant again at the age of 15 and made her escape. Although her son was taken away by social services, she was able to move past the abuse and go to college.

She went on to have three daughters, but still worried about her father abusing other children.

“I realized he couldn’t get away with this so I contacted a solicitor and went to the police," Davey said.

With the help of DNA tests and the collaboration of a second victim, law enforcement officials were able to arrest Paul. He pleaded guilty to rape, indecent assault, and one attempt of procuring a miscarriage in Ipswich Crown Court in July, 2013. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

“I wish I hadn’t gone looking for him. He ruined my childhood,” Davey said. “But I’m now back in touch with my adoptive family and am finally happy.”

Source: Mirror Image: PA via Mirror


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