Victim of Fatal Bulldog Mauling in San Diego Identified as Remedios Romero-Solares


San Diego Sheriff's Department just released the following information on the victim of a fatal Bulldog attack in Fallbrook, identifying the 30-year-old woman as Remedios Romero-Solares.  She was staying overnight to do housecleaning at 1305 Calle Tecolotian, according to her cousin who went to the house to pick her up on Sunday evening and found her bloody body in the backyard with eight loose Bulldogs. The dogs were identified as American Bulldogs, a type of pit bull.

Dan DeSousa of the Department of Animal Services told NBC 7 the owners were breeding and selling the dogs. He said they are male and female, ranging in age from 3 years to about 4 to 5 months old. The largest dog is 105 pounds.

Officials did not positively determine the time of the vicious attack, since no one had seen the victim since the previous day, but actual time of death was set at 5:15 p.m. on November 11.

 It was reportedly the first time the woman, who also lived in Fallbrook, had been hired at this property and there was speculation that the dogs may have attacked because she was unfamiliar.  A garden hose was running when Sheriff's arrived but it could not be determined why.

Sheriff's also found 24 live Marijuana plants in a back bedroom of the sprawling home. Reports say that the owner of the property has not yet been interviewed. Read more:

Case Number:12-02444Name:Remedios Romero-SolaresCity of Residence:FallbrookDOB:09/01/1982Gender:FemalePlace of Death:1305 Calle Tecolotlan, Fallbrook CAPlace of injury:1305 Calle Tecolotlan, Fallbrook CADate/Time of Death:11/11/2012 5:15:00 PMDate/Time injury:11/11/2012 Unk
Summary:The decedent was a 30 year-old single Hispanic female resident of Fallbrook. On 11/11/2012, she was found deceased at a home in Fallbrook. Fire personnel responded and confirmed her death at the scene. It appeared that she had been mauled by one or more of the owner's dogs.Cause of Death/Updated Cause of Death:Multiple penetrating, mauling, and blunt force injuriesContributing Conditions:NoneManner:AccidentInvestigating Agency:San Diego SheriffNext of kin notified?Yes



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