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Victim of Carjacking Drives Suspect to Police Station (Video)

A carjacker in North Hollywood, Calif. got outsmarted by his victim when the driver took him straight to the nearest police station.

It all started when the suspect approached a driver, claimed to have a gun, and forced the man to drive. The victim was quick thinking, however, and decided to take a big risk.

“The victim, driving the suspect, drove by the North Hollywood police station, he pulled into our parking lot and flagged down a few officers that were outside,” said Lt. Mike Rimkunas. “Anytime you have anyone jump into your car, and simulate some sort of weapon, and tell you to drive, it’s probably a little nerve-racking, but he was able to maintain his composure and knew where to go to get immediate help, and he did so.”

When the carjacking and kidnapping suspect realized that the driver had taken him to a police station, he panicked and fled on foot. Police eventually apprehended him a few blocks away from the station, but did not find a weapon on him.

CBS 2 News Los Angeles happened to be at the scene when the suspect was apprehended and caught the arrest on camera. Watch video of the arrest here.


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