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Victim Of Car Crash Sees Strange Man Approaching, Quickly Realizes His Intentions (Photo)

A woman critically injured in a horrific car crash was given a priesthood blessing on the side of the road, which some are saying is what kept her alive.

Fox 13 Now reported that 29-year-old Jessica Bingham was ejected from her vehicle on the Interstate after losing control of her SUV. It rolled at least six times before it crashed into a median. Her daughter was thrown 50 feet into the air.

Danny Paniagua witnessed the crash and rushed to the scene to offer assistance.

"I felt prompted to ... run over and see what happened," he said. He saw Bingham's body covered in blood on the opposite side of the median.

"She wasn't moving, but her eyes were moving, people were crouched around her, and I saw a tiny bits of movement," he said. One man then asked the woman if she wanted an LDS priesthood blessing — which Paniagua could perform because he had the oil.

The prayer was administered, and Bingham was soon rushed to the hospital. Doctors were baffled as to why she survived.

"We believe that blessing held her together till the ambulance arrived. It's amazing how the spirit can work through us imperfect human beings if we allow it. You never know when our Heavenly Father calls for our service and we need to be ready," Paniagua wrote in a Facebook post.

Though Bingham and her family are not LDS Church members, her mother said she believes prayer in any faith can make a difference.

"I think any prayer in any religion -- anything being sent out to the universe, whatever you believe in works," she said.

Sources: Fox 13Danny Paniagua via Facebook / Photo credit: Mad World NewsFacebook

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