43 1/2 Socks Removed From Dog's Stomach (Photo)

A 3-year-old Great Dane was terribly sick after he chowed down 43 ½ socks.

After throwing up all day, the dog’s owner took him to receive x-rays. The abdominal radiographs revealed a “distended stomach” containing a large amount of foreign material.

A veterinarian in Portland, Oregon then performed surgery on the dog and removed 43 ½ socks from the pup’s stomach. According to Dr. Ashely Magee from the DoveLewis Animal Hospital, socks of every shape and size were found inside the dog.

A spokeswoman for the hospital stated that the case was the strangest in the hospital’s history, though one dog who ate Gorilla Glue was a close second.

DoveLewis submitted the story to the annual “They Ate WHAT?” contest in "Veterinary Practice News," for which they won the $500 third prize. The first place prize went to an exotic frog that ate 30 ornamental rocks from its cage.

The dog was sent home one day after the surgery. Although his owners have made no comment on the story, a spokeswoman for DoveLewis confirmed that the dog is alive and well.

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Sources: USA Today, Fox News


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