Vets Reportedly Find Dog Monopoly Piece Inside Dog (Photo)


A Reddit user said that a dog was taken to a vet after swallowing a dog-shaped Monopoly piece, sharing an X-ray image.

"Dog came to the vet today for swallowing a Monopoly piece," said the user, who shared the image of a dog's X-ray with a dog-shaped Monopoly piece highlighted inside its stomach. Other users questioned the image's authenticity, but the poster stated that the image did not make use of Photoshop.

"It is fake," said another user, "in a spherical stomach, the dog piece lined up right way around and perfectly flat for the X-ray camera?"

"You take more than one view when you get an X-ray," the original poster said. "It was lucky, but do you really think I'd take the time to [Photoshop] that?"

"No joke," the poster continued, "everyone in the vet office was giggling all day because of this. First, because it was a dog, second, we got a beautiful picture of it!"

Another Reddit user who posted a very similar X-ray and story in 2013 questioned the likelihood that the same situation would happen to two dogs. The dog had also reportedly eaten the dog-shaped Monopoly piece.

"I posted a similar image three years ago," said the user. "It was definitely not a ploy then, although an unlikely occurrence. That two dogs did this, however, seems implausible to me."

In his 2013 thread, the user posted an update on the dog's condition, saying that vets had to cut the Monopoly piece out of the dog's bowel. He said that the dog was fine, and shared an image of a bloody bandage with the small game piece.

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Another user suggested that the chance of two dogs eating the same Monopoly piece might not be so low.

"Really? Dogs, especially puppies, will eat just about anything they can get their mouths on. Two dogs eating an extremely common household game piece in the span of 3 years is not very implausible," the user noted.

Pet owners whose dogs swallow small objects are advised to watch for signs of choking or vomiting in their pets, according to PetMD. The website's guide advises that fruit pits, rocks and small toys like Monopoly pieces are commonly swallowed by dogs.

The site suggests that dog owners attempt to find out if the pet swallowed anything poisonous. If the swallowed object is sharp, vomiting should not be induced. Pet owners are advised to call a veterinarian immediately to ask for specific advice.

Sources: Reddit (2), PetMD / Photo Credit: Prewfrock/Reddit

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