Veterinarian's Shocking Facebook Picture Causes Outrage (Photo)


Thousands of people were enraged after a photo of veterinarian Kristen Lindsey holding a cat with an arrow through its head surfaced on Facebook with the caption: “My first bow kill lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s head! Vet of the year award…gladly accepted.”

Lindsey has since been fired from her position at the Washington Animal Clinic in Brenham, Texas, after local resident Casie Cooper took a screenshot of the original post, which has since been deleted, and posted it on Facebook. Cooper’s post was shared more than 3,600 times in 18 hours. In fact, the photo even spurred someone to create a Facebook page in memory of the cat that was slain.

Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes said in a phone interview with My San Antonio that his office is investigating the incident and interviewing possible witnesses. "This is a very disturbing photograph," Brandes said. "I think it's something our society can do without.”

Lindsey has not been charged with a crime, although it’s illegal to kill a cat, feral or otherwise. 

True Blue Animal Rescue told KBTX that the cat was one of their foster cats named Tiger, a 6-year-old orange Tabby, who was owned by an elderly couple. Though the identity of the cat has not been confirmed by authorities, Tiger has been missing for two days, Inquisitr reported. 

Though Lindsey has since been fired and her Facebook page is no longer active, that hasn’t stopped the threats from pouring in. KBTX reported they disabled the comments on the story regarding the incident due to “repetitive violations of our terms of use, including death threats made against the veterinarian.”

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