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Veterinarian Seeks FDA's Help In Investigating Dog's Death From Flea Pill (Video)

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A veterinarian in Georgia is seeking the help of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in investigating the death of a dog that died after taking a prescription flea pill (video below).

Sarah Flowers said her dog Chewy’s unexpected death came soon after he was given the pill.

“It was 45 minutes after we gave him that pill, and he was out here running around, happy,” she told WSB-TV. "He had no health issues whatsoever before that."

The pill in question was flea medication Comfortis, a sister drug to Trifexis, which is a once-a-month pill for parasite, heart worm and flea prevention -- and the subject of an investigation by WSB-TV.

Dog owners nationwide have come forward with their own horror stories about the death of their beloved pets from the drug, WSB-TV reports. 

“It's the hardest thing ever. I'll never forget that sound," Flowers said of the howl Chewy made just before dying in her arms.

Flowers’ veterinarian subsequently submitted an inquiry with the FDA to see if any of the 222 reported deaths from the use of the pill are similar to the pulmonary hemorrhage and necrosis that killed Chewy. 

Despite the number of dog owners whose pets have died after taking the pill, Dr. Toby Carmichael, another veterinarian, expressed concern about overly cautious owners restricting their dogs from taking important medication.

“This is fear. This is complete fear that we are scaring people off of our products,” Carmichael said. 

Sources: WSBTV, YouTube / Photo credit: WSBTV


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