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Veterinarian Kills Wife After Performing DIY Liposuction, Sends Body to Pet Crematorium

A veterinarian in Spain attempted to perform a DIY liposuction surgery on his wife, but she died, and he disposed of her body by sending it to a pet crematorium.

The man is only known as "MG," and is 46 years old. He allegedly cut up his 45-year-old wife's body on March 28 at Pet Care Veterinary Clinic in Beijofar, where he worked.

After he chopped up her body, he sent parts of it to a crematorium, where he was not questioned because he was a regular customer. The workers at the crematorium cremated the pieces of her body without hesitation.

It is not clear exactly how the woman died, but it is thought that she died after the man performed a "DIY liposuction" and things went wrong. 

As the man could not think of what to do next, he decided to get rid of her body and not tell anyone what had happened.

Until his children started asking where their mom was. 

After the children continually pestered him about what had happened to their mother, he finally confessed. He said he had accidentally killed her and then sent her body to be cremated. The children convinced him to call police.

The man turned himself into police on Friday, carrying an urn with her ashes.

He told police that he found his wife unconscious and tried to revive her, but did not tell police why he failed to alert emergency services and why he decided to cut her up and have her cremated.

Police say they can't determine how the woman died because forensic tests cannot be performed on ashes. 

The man is currently in jail and his veterinary hospital has a sign saying, "Closed until further notice due to bereavement."

Sources: NY Daily News,Levante


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