Veterinarian Charged With 15 Counts Of Animal Cruelty After MSPCA Visits Farm


A Massachusetts veterinarian is facing 15 counts of animal cruelty after MSPCA officers reportedly found sick, injured and dead animals of her Winchendon farm.

This isn’t the first time Dr. Michaela Krafve’s was found in possession of animals in shocking conditions, according to WHDH-TV.

Investigators claim they have photographs of Krafve’s Heart and Soul Acres Farm where pens were covered in feces, some animal were too weak to stand up and lacked food, water, and shelter.

Animal bones and a dead baby lamb were discovered at the farm, according to the MSPCA. Investigators reported a kennel on the farm used for her three dogs was covered in blood and filth.

MSPCA says 19 goats and sheep were crowded into a hot trailer without adequate ventilation. There was one bucket of water inside and it was allegedly knocked over.

Most of the animals were removed from the farm. A judge has ordered the remaining animals to be inspected at least once per week.

The MSPCA says their investigation is ongoing.

"We are filing these charges now because the defendant has failed to comply with previous deadlines to safeguard and care for her animals. We are now preparing the strongest case possible,” the MSPCA said.

In 2008, MSPCA inspectors took photographs of rabbits at Krafve’s farm stacked in cages in the snow. Many of the pens contained mold, WHDH reported. Caged chickens were also photographed huddled together in snow banks.

Krafve is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 3.

A New Jersey vet technician pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges Tuesday after dozens of pure-bred German Shepherds under his care were allegedly found in crowded conditions without protection from the weather.

Sources: WHDH-TV,

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / Colby Stopa, WHDH-TV


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