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Angry Vet Confronts 'Pokemon Go' Players (Video)

A video recording has appeared online showing an angry vet confront "Pokemon Go" players in a veterans' memorial park (video below).

Bruce Reed told groups of players to leave the park in Winona, Minnesota, on July 28, according to KARE.

“It's not a [expletive] campground,” Reed says in the video. “These are like [expletive] gravestones right there.”

He tears down one of the tents set up by the players, and threatens to punch someone.

“”Crazy old man,” one man says. “I wouldn't mind getting punched to get these veterans out of here.”

“We’re just sitting out here peacefully. We’re not doing anything disrespectful,” another player told Reed, according to the Winona Post.

Reed was later arrested and charged with a disturbance.

“Like I say, it’s almost like Arlington [National Cemetery],” Reed told KARE. “You think Arlington would allow this to happen? No. well it shouldn’t happen here in Winona either. I deal with PTSD, and I guess kind of the light went off in my head, I kind of snapped, I think. Let my emotions carry me. And this is what’s happened.”

Reed was at the park earlier the same week and had reportedly urged players to leave.

“I don’t regret it for a minute. I’m glad I did it. I’ve got support. Anyone could have done it. I just happened to be the guy to do it,” he added.

The grass in parts of the park has reportedly turned brown because of the tents set up by "Pokemon Go" players. There are three Pokestops in the park, places where players can gather to play.

“People can come walk through the park, hold hands, sit on the benches, but don’t turn it into a campsite,” Reed said.

City Manager Steve Sarvia agreed with the plan. The Winona City Council voted on Aug. 1 to ban hammocks and tents in the park. People can still play "Pokemon Go" there.

Warning: Contains strong language.

Sources: KARE, Winona Post / Photo credit: Bruce Reed via KARE

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