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Veteran Wins The Right To Keep His American Flag Flying

Keith Ludwig’s battle with his apartment complex was short-lived, but in the end he was victorious. 

Ludwig, a veteran living at Shoregate Towers in Willowick, Ohio, was barred from flying the American flag on his apartment balcony. He told Fox News that the apartment’s manager informed him it violated his rental agreement although several other residents also had flags and satellite dishes on their balconies.

“If my flag has to come down, all the satellite dishes have to come down,” he said.

Ludwig told WGNTV that he’d been living at the apartment for more than two years, but it was he first time someone had an issue with his flag.

“If there was a problem before, they should have said something before,” Ludwig said. “And, I mean, why all of a sudden does it have to come down?”

He added: “I’m a veteran, my grandfather’s a veteran, my dad’s a veteran. We’re a military family.”

Ludwig’s flag never had to come down. After the media caught wind of the story, the apartment complex’s management backed down.

Sources: WGNTV, Fox News

Screenshot via WGNTV, Wikipedia


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