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Veteran Wins Fight Against HOA To Keep His Flagpole

A veteran has won the fight against his homeowners association over whether his flag pole may stay standing. The flag pole will remain on his property.

The decision comes after months of Bob and Judy Willits fighting with their homeowners association to retain their freestanding flag pole. The homeowners association had said the flagpole was in violation of the covenants and restrictions of the neighborhood.

For Bob, it was about more than that. As Opposing Views reported on Oct. 22:

Robert Willits’ flagpole features two flags: a U.S. flag, and a black POW/MIA to honor the brother he fought alongside.

While Willits was injured in the war, his brother, Lester, never came home from the war.

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Bob refused to take the flagpole down, or to pay any sort of fine for it, reports WTHR.

Attorneys were hired by both parties and a legal battle ensued.

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As recently as several weeks ago, both sides seemed tired of the non-stop fighting -- but neither wanted to give in.

“We want it over, we don’t want to keep this thing going,” Bob admitted to reporters not long ago.

Well, Bob has gotten what he wanted. The matter has been closed, Judy told FOX59. The couple was alerted to a decision in their favor by their attorney late this week. A stipulation was given by the HOA, though: they will be required to remove the flag pole if they sell their home.

Thanks to an anonymous donation, the Willits will not have to pay the legal fees out of their own pocket.

Photo Source: WTHR


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