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Veteran Shopkeeper Fends Off Armed Robber (Video)

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Veteran shopkeeper Julian Karim bravely fought off an armed robber who demanded money from him on Saturday night.

Karim has owned and run Central Stores in Cheltenham for 30 years. Over the weekend, he was standing behind his counter when a hooded, masked man walked in holding a carrier bag.

“He said ‘Give me the money.’ I thought he was having a joke or something.”

The would-be robber swore at Karim and demanded money again. When the man pointed a gun at Karim, the shopkeeper lost his temper.

“I told him to get out and threw the bag at his face,” Karim said, who then reached for something to defend himself with.

When Karim turned back, the robber ran out of the store and around the corner. Karim attempted to follow the man but eventually lost his trail.

Karim said he was definitely scared when the man pulled out a gun, but that he would defend his money. He added that he’s never had trouble in his 30 years on the corner because he’s well known in the neighborhood.

Sources: Gloucestershire Echo, Yahoo


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