Veteran Saves Cash To Buy Dogs Back, Gets Shocking News


A military veteran was shocked to discover his local community went above and beyond to make sure he was reunited with his beloved dogs (video below).

The unnamed veteran had recently suffered a heart attack and needed to be hospitalized, Shared reports. His two dogs were taken to a local shelter while he spent time recovering. Though he originally thought the dogs would only stay at the shelter for a couple of days, he wound up spending several weeks in the hospital and the dogs were put up for adoption.

Lynzee Carrothers, who was with the man in a YouTube video of his emotional reunion, explained in the video's description what happened next:

...Their owner called many times asking about them stating he was coming to get them. He loved them a lot but when he did get better he wasn’t in a position to get them back. He was getting back on his feet and finally on December 16, 2015 he came to see them for the first time in months and put a deposit down to get them back. Melissa Eagle who was a kennel tech, event staff, and now transportation for animal control knew the whole story and helped take care of them at the holding facility and transported them to the shelter just so happened to be there to pick up a dog to go back to the shelter at the same time...

Unfortunately for the veteran, he’d need to pay $250 to get his dogs back. Knowing the man wasn’t able to afford the fees due to his medical situation, Eagle went above and beyond to help.

“Seeing this and not knowing that the office manager at the shelter had reduced the adoption fee in more than half of original fee, Melissa went home and contacted some of the volunteers from the events to see if any would be willing to pitch in 5 to 10 dollars toward his adoption fee to get it covered for him," Carrothers explained. "One volunteer stepped up and said they would cover all of it for him. The rest of the volunteers continued to get things he would need."

When informed of the generous gesture bestowed upon him, the veteran first thought he wasn’t going to be able to take his dogs home after all. It all finally kicked in, and he was overwhelmed with emotion.

Video of the touching incident quickly went viral, with many praising those who paid for the veteran to get his beloved dogs back.

“This was a miracle in the making for this vet to get back his family,” one viewer wrote on Shared’s Facebook page, which posted the touching story. "It was hard breaking enough that he thought he lost them for good. It's sad that they were taken to a shelter in the first place. Happy he will care for them more the ever. Just hope that we never hear about a vet again losing his family after going to the hospital. God bless who paid for him to get his dogs back where they belong

Sources: Shared, Lynzee Carrothers/YouTube, Shared/Facebook / Photo credit: Shared/Facebook

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