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Veteran Ron Kelly Denied Gun Purchase Over Dismissed Pot Charge

Ron Kelly failed a background check a few months ago when he tried to buy a gun from Walmart. He was turned down over a minor marijuana charge from 1971.

Kelly couldn't recall if he had been convicted or not, but said even if he had, the conviction would have been a misdemeanor, not a felony, which would not ban him from owning a gun.

The Army vet, who lives in Tomball, Texas, reached out to the media, politicians, lawyers and even the FBI, which runs the computerized gun background check.

A Washington D.C. lawyer, who helped Kelly for free, found his case records at a North Carolina courthouse.

The court records showed that the charge of possessing a gram or more of marijuana had been dismissed by the judge.

Kelly mistakenly thought he might have pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor as part of a plea bargain, but at the time the prosecutor asked the judge to dismiss the case, which he did.

“It makes me laugh because their vaunted gun-control system doesn’t work. There is no telling how many mistakes are out there in the system. They have an automated database, and if it says your hair is green, they are going to go with it.” Kelly told The Houston Chronicle.

Kelly is not sure how to clear his background record, but said he’d still like to buy the gun.

Source: The Houston Chronicle


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