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Veteran Pat Horan Denied Service At Restaurant Because Of Service Dog

A wounded war veteran and his wife were kicked out of a restaurant in Virginia after they walked in with a service dog. Pat and Patty Horan were asked to leave the Village Café in Centreville by the café owner’s wife when they walked in with Wilson, their loyal canine.

"I tried to explain to her that this isn't just a regular pet, this is a service dog,” Patty told a local TV station. “My husband is disabled. She really didn't want to listen to any of it. She just wanted us to leave the restaurant.”

On their way out the door, Patty gave it one more shot: “I turned and I said, ‘You need to understand what the law is. What you are doing is against the law.’”

The Village Café’s owner, Mo Aminfar, said that his wife, Mary, was unaware that Mr. Horan was disabled and that Wilson was a service animal. He said he was deeply sorry about the incident and wanted to personally apologize to the Horans about what happened, Fox News reported.

A video about the incident is below:

Sources: Fox News, WUSA 9


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