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Veteran At Oxford Valley Mall Exposes 'Fake' Ranger (Video)

A veteran was shopping at Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, this week when he noticed something a bit strange.

While making his way through his local mall, the veteran in question spotted a man dressed as a Ranger – but some things about his uniform appeared to be off. That is when the veteran took out his cell phone and approached the man in the uniform.

Initially, the man in the uniform was able to hold his own during the exchange, but before long, the veteran was able to expose him for what he was.

As it turns out, the man was reportedly trying to cash in on Black Friday deals that are aimed at real veterans.

You can check out their entire exchange below. As of Sunday, Nov. 30, the clip has been viewed more than 768,000 times despite only being up for two days. 

Source: Youtube / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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