Veteran Larry Lorrance Catches Vandals Destroying His U.S. Flag (Video)


Plano, Texas veteran Larry Lorrance had the American flag outside his home destroyed for the third time Friday, and he’s sick of having to replace it.

Lorrance told CBS-DFW that after the second flag was destroyed, he decided to install a surveillance camera in hopes of capturing the perpetrators. Surely enough, he did.

“Not only did they tear it down. But, one of the gentlemen stomped up and down on the flag,” Lorrance said. “I thought, ‘this is unacceptable! Where are the parents?’”

The video shows three teenagers laughing as they tear down Lorrance’s American flag, and one of them kicking a yard light across the lawn. The U.S. veteran didn’t report the vandalism to Plano police, saying that he was a teenager once and doesn’t want the violators to have a record.

Lorrance did, however, post the video online at in hopes that the parents of the vandals see it and “demand they step up and take responsibility for their actions now.”

In the statement attached to the video, Lorrance addresses the parents of the teenagers and says he is a Vietnam veteran and understands “what the American flag represents.”

“A lot of men and women gave their lives for this flag,” he told CBS-DFW. “As an American, and as a veteran, I was offended by that.”

All Lorrance hopes that happens now, aside from not having to replace yet another flag, is that these teens step up to the crime. He said he wouldn’t hold a grudge.

“I’ll shake their hands and say ‘thank you for standing up and being a man, let’s take care of it,’” he said.

Lorrance hopes the teenagers replace the flag and even spend some time volunteering at the local Veteran’s Administration Medical Center.

Sources: CBS-DFW,


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