Veteran Gets Unexpected Note While Out To Eat (Photo)


An Army veteran got a shocking note from a young man while out to eat at a restaurant.

Heather Duffy wrote a Facebook post about the encounter, says Mad World News, which occurred while she was at a restaurant called Mr. Sushi with her 16-year-old son, Zack.

“We are just about to leave when he leans over and asks me for $20. I asked him why??” she wrote in the post on Love What Matters’ Facebook page.

“He said there was a gentlemen sitting in the corner in an Army hat by himself and he wanted to buy his dinner. I said if you really want to you need to go talk to him first. Much to my surprise (anyone that knows my son knows he won't even ask a waitress for ketchup) he got up walked over and had a conversation with this random stranger.”

Duffy went on to express her disbelief that her son had the courage to speak to the veteran.

My heart melted, I could see from across the room the smiles on both of their faces and the gratitude my son had for this man, this random stranger as he thanked him for his service. 

Zack came back over and proceeded to write this note. As we walked out he handed the man the note folded up with $20 in it, shook his hand and again thanked him for his service.

I have NEVER been more proud of my son! This world could use more young adults with hearts like his!

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The mother’s story quickly went viral, with many praising her son for his selfless act of kindness toward the veteran.

“Your son is truly an amazing young man. There should be more young adults out there that are like him. Our military men and woman risk their lives daily for us & for our freedom. People should respect them more. You did an amazing job raising him. God bless you & your son,” one reader wrote in a comment. 

“That is a great young man we know you are very very proud of him this [goes to] show how this young man was raised may GOD [bless] him in many ways we all see he has already bless you,” another added. 

Sources: Mad World News, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Love What Matters/Facebook

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