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Veteran Discovers Burial Flag Hidden In Garage Crawl Space

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A veteran in Texas was stunned when he discovered a military burial flag in a crawl space in the garage of his new home.

Kerry Cremean and his wife, Cindy, had just bought a new home in River Oaks, Texas, when he decided to look for storage space in the garage. While examining a crawl space, what he happened upon moved him to tears.

“It’s like I’m holding someone’s life,” told CBS DFW of the burial flag, which he found folded into a triangle. 

“Just like it came off the casket and was folded in his honor; it’s wonderful,” Cindy added.

Along with the flag was a leather bag that belonged to Robert Allen Murray, a Fort Worth, Texas, native who was 29 at the time the photo on his Armed Forces ID was taken. Cremean believes Murray might have served in the Navy around the same time that he was fighting in Vietnam.

“This was a forgotten member of the military. Someone needs to remember him,” he said. The couple became determined to track down relatives of Murray, taking to Facebook to try to reunite the cherished items with his family.

“I rejected Facebook for a long time,” Cindy said. “I just wasn’t going to go that route. I’m so grateful that we have it.”

Documents found in the leather bag gave the Cremeans some vital information needed to find Murray’s surviving family — the names of his three daughters. They’re now hoping social media can help them find the girls, who were all under 10 years old when their father died in a car accident in 1980. The three girls’ names are Joyce, Elizabeth and Kerry — a coincidence that isn’t lost on Cremean, reports LiftBump. 

“Same way I spell mine,” he said of the shared name. “I felt that was more than coincidental. I felt God led me to this.”

While Facebook has yet to connect the couple to Murray’s daughters, it has gotten them in touch with people who knew the veteran. Cindy was even able to mail a letter to Murray’s widow. 

“The Facebook search was a tremendous help. It put me in contact with people who knew him, and that was a real blessing,” she said. 

Sources: CBS DFW, LiftBump / Photo credit: Screenshot via CBS DFW


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