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Veteran Detained By Minnesota Police For Looking Away (Video)

An unidentified man recently filmed a police officer detaining him in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The man told The Free Thought Project that he is a U.S. veteran.

In the cell phone video (below), uploaded by Minnesota Cop Block, the officer asks the vet why he turns his face and tries to "hide."

After the vet says he doesn't consent to any conversations, searches or seizures, the officer asks him for his ID because she is stopping him for a "suspicious person contact."

However, the man refuses to provide his ID.

"You're acting suspicious," the officer says. "I'm driving by, you're turning your head, you're hiding your face, that gives me probable cause to stop you and ask you..."

The vet replies, "I chew tobacco, so there's no reason I can't spit?"

The officer claims that she followed the veteran in her police car because he looked in another direction away from her.

Eventually, another officer shows up and the vet is handcuffed. His ID is taken and checked by force by the officers. He claims his cell phone camera was turned off by the cops.

According to the ACLU Minnesota website:

Law enforcement may stop and detain you only if they suspect that you have committed, are committing or are about to commit a crime.

Ask if you are under arrest or free to leave. If arrested, you have a right to know why.

Unless suspected of a crime, law enforcement can’t lawfully require you to identify yourself or produce identification. However refusal could lead to your arrest even if it’s unjustified.

Sources: ACLU Minnesota, Minnesota Cop Block, The Free Thought Project
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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