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'That Shouldn't Be Happening': Iraq Vet Challenges HOA's American Flag Policy

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A Virginia man is up in arms after a homeowner association (HOA) asked him to take down an American flag hanging outside of his house.

Daniel Toner is an Iraq War veteran. When he rented a home in Suffolk, Virginia, he was told that he could fly his country’s flag outside of his house, The Blaze reports.

However, he was later informed that he had to receive the approval of the HOA in order to display the flag.

“This is something that shouldn’t be happening here in Hampton Roads,” Toner told WAVY-TV.

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He claims that he has an email from the property manager, Kimberly Katz, stating that he is allowed to fly the flag from his porch. On Monday, however, Toner received another letter.

“Then I got that letter in the mail saying that I had to take it down until they passed a resolution saying it was okay to have a flag holder on the front of your house,” he said.

According to Katz, a resolution to allow homeowners in the area to hang flags is expected to be put in place in July.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” the veteran said.

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According to the Chesapeake Bay Management President Dana Shotts-Neff, the homeowner association has “no intention of denying anyone the right to fly the American flag.”

However, she says that a flag hold would be an alteration to a home. Homeowners are required to go through an application process to alter their homes.

“You shouldn’t even have to ask permission to have an American flag on your property,” Toner countered. “That’s a right according to Congress.”

The Freedom to Display the American Flag Act was passed by Congress in 2005. The bill allows citizens to fly the American flag from their homes in spite of restrictions put in place by the community. Homeowner associations are allowed to implement the “time, place, or manner of displaying the flag” though.

“That flag is staying right where it is,” Toner said.

Source: The Blaze, WAVY

Photo Credit: The Blaze, Wikipedia


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