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Veteran Accused Of Assault By Louisiana Cops, Prosecutors, Video Disproves Claims

Douglas Dendinger agreed to serve police officer Chad Cassard with lawsuit papers in Washington Parish, Louisiana, two years ago.

According to, Dendinger's nephew was suing Officer Cassard for police brutality.

Dendinger served Officer Cassard in front of a group of officers and prosecutors.

"It was like sticking a stick in a bee's nest." Dendinger told WWL-TV. "They started cursing me. They threw the summons at me."

Later that night, Dendinger was arrested at his home for simple battery, obstruction of justice and intimidating a witness; all based on claims by cops and prosecutors that he slapped Officer Cassard when serving him.

Officer Cassard reportedly told deputies that Dendinger "slapped me in the chest."

"We could hear the slap as he hit Cassard's chest with an envelope of papers," prosecutor Julie Knight told authorities. "This was done in a manner to threaten and intimidate everyone involved."

Washington Parish court attorney Pamela Legendre added that the alleged slap "made such a noise" that she believed Officer Cassard "had been punched."

Police Chief Joe Culpepper originally claimed to have witnessed the slap, but later said, "I wasn't out there." Chief Culpepper still described Dendinger's slap as "violence, force."

Some police officers claimed that Dendinger knocked over Officer Cassard and even ran away, which is impossible for the disabled Army veteran.

However, all those claims were debunked by two cell phone videos filmed by Dendinger's wife and nephew, who filmed the incident to prove that Dendinger had served Officer Cassard.

The videos reportedly show Dendinger calmly handing the court papers to Officer Cassard and walking away.

After over a year, Dendinger's case was referred to the Louisiana Attorney General who immediately dropped all the charges.

Dendinger has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former St. Tammany District Attorney Walter Reed, prosecutors Leigh Anne Wall and Knight, police officers in Bogalusa, Louisiana, and Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal.

Beyond the federal lawsuit, there could be criminal charges for falsifying a police report and reprimands by the state legal board.

Sources: WWL-TV,
Image Credit: JoonaathaanFR


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