97-Year-Old Veteran Says Retirement Home Kicked Him Out for Playing Ukulele (Video)


Jim Farrell, a 97-year-old veteran of three U.S. wars, was told to leave the Redwood Retirement Residence in Napa, California, 11 days ago.

Farrell was charged a whopping $1,500 cleaning bill by the facility, but couldn't pay the bill and rent.

"Absolutely devastating. Devastating. Horrible," Farrell told KTVU (video below).

Holiday Retirement, which owns the Redwood Retirement Residence, claims that it notified Farrell in February that his messy living quarters were a health hazard, and that he had become aggressive.

But Farrell claims it was his ukulele playing that the retirement home didn't like.

“Management continually suppressed my talents,” Farrell told CBS San Francisco. “Management would stop me and say these words, ‘Go back to your room!’ Like a kid. No more.”

After his eviction, Farrell stayed in motels, but ran out of cash, so he moved into a homeless shelter.

However, an anonymous donor heard about Farrell's homelessness, and donated money for him to move into the Piner’s Nursing Home. Farrell's veteran’s benefits should keep him there, along with donations from friends.

"Wonderful people are helping me. Beautiful people. Beautiful women," Farrell added.

“I found out a couple weeks ago that he was being evicted,” stated Carol Elridge, Farrell’s caretaker, who met him back at Redwood Retirement Residence.

Elridge claims that Redwood Retirement Residence left Farrell without a plan.

“You just don’t put a 97-year-old on the street,” Elridge said. “Here’s this frail man and he’s got his head held up high going in the doors of this shelter and knowing that this is not the place I ever expected him to ever be."

Sources: KTVUCBS San Francisco


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