Veterinary Intern Saves Dog's Life At The Last Second


A veterinary intern made a discovery that saved a dog's life moments before he was to be euthanized.

Ollie the Collie's owners quickly became worried when their dog stopped acting like himself and eventually saw a dramatic decline in mobility. 

"When his mobility was shot and he was paralyzed, it was just weird seeing him just laying there on the floor, knowing he had so much more life in him," Ozzie's owner, Falline Fate told KPTV, WHNS reports.

Fate feared her beloved family dog could be experiencing his last days.

Ollie's vet thoroughly checked him, revealing no explanation for his sudden decline. His owners were forced to make the difficult decision to euthanize him after it seemed there was no hope left.

Moments before he was set to be put down, a veterinary intern made a surprising discovery: Ollie had a tick hidden behind his ear.

"He was in the room about to get put to sleep, and it was just pure grace that the people found something and decided to check it out further," Fate said.

Ollie had the tick removed and was back to his energetic self just 10 hours later, KIRO reports.

“The next morning my mom opened the door and said, ‘Look at your doggie,’ and he comes walking up to me, and I’m barely awake, and he just smiled at me,” Fate recalled to KPTV.

Ollie's owners say they will be much more cautious of ticks and fleas in the future.

Sources: KPTV via WHNSKIRO / Photo credit: KPTV via WHNS

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