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Vet Removes Eight Pairs Of Underwear And 62 Hairbands From Hungry Dog's Stomach

Tiki the black Labrador was apparently very, very hungry. 

Not content with waiting for someone to give her snacks, the adorable pooch apparently ate 62 hair bands, four rubber bands, eight pairs of underwear and a bandage, all of which had to be surgically removed from her stomach.

Dr. Hisham Ibrahim of the Good Shepherd Veterinary Hospital in Mars, Pennsylvania, performed the emergency two-hour surgery last week, reported USA Today.

"'Doctor [Ibrahim] started pulling handfuls of different items out," head technician Emily Cottle told WTAE. "It was quite an experience to see.”

Ibrahim said many of the items were connected.

“I found this hair band attached to another hair band to another one to another one and to other things again," he told WTAE.

The “amazing” surgery wasn’t easy, but Tiki was bright-eyed during a follow-up.

"But, thank God, we were able to pull through, and Tiki has recovered very well," Ibrahim said.

Tiki’s owner, Sara Weiss, said that her dog has a distinct taste for unusual dishes. Tiki has even eaten a Nerf dart, but all of the items have passed through the dog’s system without incident.

Tiki, who ate the surgically-removed items over the course of a few days, has another follow-up appointment on July 10.

Sources: WTAE, USA Today

Image via WTAE


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