Vet Puts Down Pet Dog Without Owner's Knowledge


A ghastly mistake has left a family in mourning. The Murphy family dog, Gunner, was taken to the vet for a cough he had. The dog, which was otherwise in fine condition, did not leave the office alive.

Nicholas Murphy, 22, took his dog to the office of veterinarian David Denny from DJB Denny Practice and asked the doctor to give Gunner stronger medication for his cough. The dog had already been given pills for the ailment, but they had not done the trick.

Nicholas recalled the scene in an interview with the BBC. "I was with him and the vet gave him an injection." He continued, "I thought it was antibiotics [he was being given] but it was to put him down. There was no consent form and no permission."

The incident was evidently a miscommunication, as Dr. Denny asked Nicholas if he would prefer to bury his pet at home. This implies that Dr. Denny knew very well what he was doing to the Murphy's dog. It remains a mystery, however, how such a massive miscommunication could have occurred.

The events left Nicholas baffled and overwhelmed. "He was part of the family... I was so confused and upset. We had to bring him home and bury him."

Upon arriving home, Nicholas informed his disbelieving family that their beloved Gunner had been killed by the vet and that they would have to bury him.

As for the vet, his reaction was less than acceptable to the Murphy family. According to Nicholas, "He said he was very sorry but that mistakes do happen."

At this point, Nicholas is filing a formal complaint with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in hopes that his Gunner will receive some form of justice.


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