Marine Arrested With Duffel Bag Full of Weapons

A former Marine was taken into custody by New York law enforcement after being found with a duffel bag containing a small cache of weapons, including a shotgun and a machete. According to his mother, he is a kind man who suffers from delusions. 

Witnesses reported seeing a man on a S53 bus in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn around noon on Tuesday with a weapon sticking out of his duffel, NBC New York reports. When police arrived he had already gotten off the bus.

Officers located the man waiting for a Manhattan-bound R train at a subway station near the bus stop. They asked to inspect his bag and found an unloaded shotgun, ammunition, a laser for the shotgun, a machete, and a Marine Corps uniform—all property of the U.S. Marine Corps.

He told police he did not have permits but did not need them, and that he did not intend on hurting anyone. He went peacefully with the officers to the 68th Precinct station.

Gothamist identifies the 27-year-old veteran as Christopher Palumbo, according to the NYPD.

The veteran’s mom says her son, who served three tours in Iraq, is nonviolent but suffers from mental illness. He feels responsible, she claims, for the 9/11 terrorist attacks and feels it is his duty to protect his fellow New Yorkers.

Law enforcement sources say he will likely be charged with criminal possession of a weapon, grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Sources: Gothamist, NBC New York


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