Very Graphic Picture: Miami Zombie Victim Ronald Poppo


In Miami, Florida, Jackson Memorial Hospital doctors have released a very graphic photograph (below) of Ronald Poppo, more than two weeks after much of his face was chewed off during a 'zombie attack' by Rudy Eugene, who was shot and killed by police.

Doctors told reporters Tuesday that Poppo is awake and alert. They also showed a photograph of Poppo walking down a hospital hallway (left), reports CBS News.

The graphic photo below shows the upper two-thirds of Poppo’s face covered in thick scabs.

He’s missing his nose and both eye sockets are covered, one with gauze and one with a skin graft.

His left eye is gone, gouged out during the attack, but his right eye is still there. Doctors hope he will have a little vision left.

Doctors said that 50 percent of Poppo’s face was chewed off, and not 75 percent as previously reported.

The Jackson Memorial Foundation has set up a fund to assist Poppo.  So far they’ve raised $15,000.

Anyone can make a donation through the Jackson Memorial Foundation web site

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